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You start a new position committed to developing your people as leaders…but then your supervisor’s priorities emerge, external commitments pile up, crises need to be solved, and you find yourself in reaction mode with a full calendar. Your leader development activities disappear and instead of building leaders, you’re managing tasks.

But as a leader, you know that leader development is crucial to your team’s success. It’s also what people really crave. They won’t remember how efficiently you ran a meeting, but they will remember how you inspired them to become better people.

The Military Leader is born

This tension between the daily grind and developing leaders is what inspired The Military Leader. As an Operations Officer in a 4,000-person Army combat unit, I had to fight for time to develop my team. We studied leadership using not only the standard military leader development resources, but also content from successful business leaders like John Maxwell, Dave Ramsey, and Jim Collins.

Then in 2014, I figured that other leaders might be struggling with the same situation and launched The Military Leader as a way to provide easily-accessible, shareable leader development insight for those who need it.

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An overwhelming response

The effort seemed to strike a nerve because hundreds of thousands of people from all professions have engaged the site, connected on social media, and subscribed by email. The response has been exciting but even if just one person finds value in what they read, I consider it worth the effort.

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Where do I start?

The full Archive of Posts is a great place to start diving into what The Military Leader can provide for you and your team. You also might be interested in these topics and the posts that relate to them:

Or you can check out the leader development resources like quotespodcasts and videos that I recommend and use everyday.

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