TED – Ideas Worth Spreading:  quite simply, the absolute best collection of insightful speeches on the web. Go to for personal, organizational, and societal inspiration.

Simon Sinek gives what is perhaps the best leadership talk on TED, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” The great leaders bring out the best in followers by connecting with Why, instead of just the What.

Coach John Wooden. This legendary basketball coach shares leadership insights from his decades of leading teams and winning.

General Stanley McChrystal. Leader of numerous elite special operations forces and the senior commander in Afghanistan, General McChrystal tells his thoughts on the military way of leadership and how to create teams out of groups from all different backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets.

 How Great Leaders Inspire. This compilation of TED Talks ranges from inspirational to challenging but all of them encourage growth as a leader.

TED – Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation. Here is an illuminating talk that challenges the way we view rewards and performance.

This short TED video reminds us that our influence and our impact on others is deeper than we realize…or give ourselves credit for. All leadership boils down to making people better, and the nature of our profession gives military leaders significant power to do that.

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