Here are a few high quality podcasts, focusing on leadership, business development, personal development, and history. This is what’s playing in my car on the way to work.

The EntreLeadership Podcast (iTunes Link). Dave Ramsey’s common-sense, positive podcast that brings in expert authors, successful business leaders, and motivational speakers. These episodes and interviews will challenge you to grow your influence as a leader and build your team.

This is Your Life (iTunes Link) by Michael Hyatt
Former CEO and author Michael Hyatt consistently delivers powerful insights on a wide range of influential topics.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. This podcast is indescribably entertaining and informative! I can’t recommend it enough. Dan Carlin brings history alive like few people can. He’s not a boring historian – he’s an enthusiastic, skeptical, and factual researcher who can reveal history in an extremely digestible way. Perfect for your drive to work.

Revisionist History. Malcolm Gladwell’s challenging look at how we came to turn parts of history into stories that simply aren’t true.

History of Rome Podcast. by Mike Duncan
A captivating, thorough look at the complete history of the Roman Empire. War, politics, scandal, and much more. It’s an outstanding commute podcast.

Revolutions Podcast. by Mike Duncan
A pithy, easy-going look at the world’s most important revolutions (English, American, and French so far).

Tim Ferriss Podcast. Business, leadership, life hacks, veterans stories, multi-billionaires…Tim Ferris presents them all. The best thing about Tim Ferris’ podcast are the questions he slings at his guests. He spends time peeling back the surface layers of conversational interviews and draws out quality lessons across many domains. Check it out.

ProBlogger Podcast. This podcast is the ultimate, simple guide to blogging. If you have a platform to share with the world, use this podcast and website as a personal coaching tool.

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