Military & Defense Blogs

Military & Defense Blogs

First, I invite you to check out the Military Writers Guild. You’ll find a widely-varied collection of writers making an impact in the defense space.

And here is an expanded list of blogs I refer to for their professional content and consistent insight:

From the Green Notebook. An insightful personal blog on developing military leaders. Hosted by an Army Major.Blogs

Angry Staff Officer. Some of the best grassroots military writing available today. Angry Staff Officer will give you the truth, with perspectives you hadn’t considered.

Doctrine Man!! This long-standing repository of snark on defense topics provides “professional discourse on key national security issues, with a little humor on the side.”

The Pendulum. The less snarky side of Doctrine Man.

Modern War Institute at West Point. A site dedicated to “studying recent and on-going conflicts to prepare present and future leaders to win in a complex world.”

The Strategy Bridge. Posting board for quality articles on issues affecting our military, including strategy, doctrine, and leadership.

Task and Purpose. Lots of active duty and veteran contributors writing on a wide array of defense topics.

Small Wars Journal. The long-standing aggregator of all things counterinsurgency. Their library is packed with information.

War on the Rocks. Combining discussions on war with a healthy appreciation for good liquor.

General Leadership. Veterans, including senior leaders, writing on leadership.

Command Performance Leadership. Good writing on various leadership topics. Hosted by a Navy veteran.

Be Mission Capable. Quality personal development posts by an Army Major.

Carrying the Gun. Witty and personal musings about the nature of military service, killing, and the war experience. Hosted by an Army Infantryman.

Foreign Intrigue. Aggregator of foreign policy and defense articles.

Phil Walter. Military, Intelligence, Interagency. Phil brings multiple perspectives to national security issues. Check out his Phil-Osophy of Life.

Valuable Non-Defense Resources

Michael Hyatt. Podcasts, blog, and products on personal development, platform building, and productivity. I go to Michael’s site more than any other.

Harvard Business Review Blog. One of the best available resources on current leadership topics. Lots of commentary based on research and credentialed experience.

John C. Maxwell. The author of 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and a powerful voice for positive, influential leadership. Blog & podcast by Dave Ramsey’s business. Outstanding resource for inspirational leadership and smart management.

The Manager’s Diary. Blog focused on improving productivity and 360* leadership.

Inc. Small business ideas and resources. Good articles on entrepreneurship and productivity.

Fast Company. Full of articles and resources for business and innovation.

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