Ramp Up Your Productivity

Fighting for margin in one’s day is a challenge that Productivityall leaders face. The abundant activity in our organizations can feel overwhelming, and unless we prioritize the important items, we’ll never feel like we make any progress.

To help you ramp up your efficiency, I’ve collected the most popular posts on Productivity. Dive into the techniques, make some changes in your routine, and share them with your team.

Leave a comment below if you’ve found some other good resources on Productivity.

McChrystal and a Grain of Salt

16 Resources for Preventing Distraction, Maximizing Productivity, and Prioritizing with Purpose

8 Supervisor Tips for Getting More Done

This is #Slack…and Here’s How Your Unit Can Use It

Sleep that Sabotages Leadership

11 Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Learn

10 Microsoft Excel Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

Article: “Why Aren’t You Delegating?”

“Don’t Do What Others Could Do” – Lessons for Delegation and Authority

What You Can Do About Your Full Inbox

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