The Chilling Story Behind the Mayflower

It’s not often that we find good Thanksgiving-related reading, but Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War by Nathaniel Philbrick is definitely worth checking out.

In vivid detail, Philbrick describes the tumultuous voyage of the Mayflower, the near catastrophe of the first winter in Plymouth, and the struggle for survival that was the first few years in the New World. Philbrick takes you off the boat and into the water as our famously “harmonious” Pilgrims scavenged off the land, stole from the native Americans, and sparked years of bloody war. It’s not the story you read in school.

mayflowerFor me, the most incredible realization was that the birth of our Nation might never had happened if not for a storm that blew the Mayflower off course and prevented them from reaching the British colonies down the coast.

Then, that William Bradford insisted on a pledge with the Dutch voyagers aboard that none would disembark unless they committed to survive together, not as separate national groups. This agreement, known as The Mayflower Compact, not only enabled their collective survival, but was quite literally the seed of democracy in America.

It’s an incredible story and well worth your time. Check it out!


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  • Claudio Alpaca

    How a casualty, a storm, has caused the birth of a nation more centuries ago. On time the seed of democracy, embrionically born on Mayflower, has growth and has constitute a big nation, the country we love and live for. Really what sometime seem negatif become positif, very positif and we thanks those first men who build America ,we thanks alls, on times, add to and contributed to make America a poliethnic nation, a multicultural entity where diversities constitute equality and are the base of our democracy. We look on that the origins of our military family and her leaders. By ever we have had big leaders whose ability on command was based on a relationship between all family members, on an interplay by whom ability, professionalism, braverie was born. What is high such moment of year for meditate on our origins and try a learning for our activity, our missions, our call to form and forge men able to fight. What begin more time ago is continuing on a tradition of ethic and ability, of commitment to valors and country. We are making memory of all that and reason that we have still to walk more, but also we have a patrimony by whom try force and imput for act, by whom try a teaching on how make experiences and challenges that constitute a patrimony enrichement. Our thanksgiving is also for all that and constitute on the same time our promise for make our life a patrimony at service of country and people. claudio alpaca