7 Military Blogs You Need to Check Out

Get your Sunday reading in with some peer writing. Here are 7 of the best military blogs out there right now if you’re looking for professional, well-written content. What I like about these site is that they’re either created/hosted by an active duty service member, or they’re a repository of active duty writing. So, you know you’re getting relevant content.

military blogs

Army combat helmets assigned to Soldiers participating in the 2009 U.S. Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition sit at the ready during the Urban Warfighting Orientation Course phase of the competition. Link to photo.

Task and Purpose. A collaboration of writing on topics ranging from military innovation and veterans affairs to foreign policy and thoughts on the latest news trends.

General Leadership. A website and foundation dedicated to “facilitating active conversations between You and America’s most trusted leaders to inspire positive change!” The effort is led by Air Force Brigadier General John Michel, who has amassed a formidable Twitter network of over 200,000 followers (@JohnEMichel).

From The Green Notebook. Personally hosted and written by an Army Major, From the Green Notebook Blog provides exceptional writing quality with challenging topics focused on leadership, values, history, and professional discourse. Definitely worth your time! Follow the author at @jbyerly81.

War on the Rocks. Another great consortium of military authors (including yours truly) that somehow infuses military commentary with discussions about good liquor. In addition to articles on foreign policy and military affairs, they have subsections devoted to combat experiences, controversial topics, and even art in war. Check out their pithy interviews with defense leaders, too. Follow on Twitter at @WarOnTheRocks.

War Council. War Council has an academic flavor to its military writing (which is fitting, since it’s hosted by an Army officer and instructor at West Point.) You’ll find insightful commentary on the historical context of current events, like thoughts on ISIS and the history of the Army’s Green Tab.

On the large-scale content production side of the spectrum, you can always rely on the following two sites.

Blogs of War. “…breaking national security news and leveraging thousands of conflict, intelligence, security, technology & political sources to provide level-headed analysis in a complex news environment since 2002.” Blogs of War is a massive conduit for national security discussion and resources. Join 65,000 other followers on Twitter at @BlogsofWar.

Small Wars Journal. This long-established site covers everything from counterinsurgency to force structure to leadership. Always reliable for superb content. Follow on Twitter at @smallwars.

What blogs can you add to this list? Comment below.

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  • Isabella Gorski

    I want to thank all the veterans and tribute to my family and theirs over the holiday season!!!

  • another_conservative_in_exile

    An Old Veteran’s Last Request

    Yonder lies a soldier.
    Or at least there rest his bones.
    Snug beside his kindred souls.
    Beneath the flags and stones.

    Duty honor country
    Not just words we learned in school
    The soldier’s Code of Conduct
    Despite the ridicule

    Pedants and demagogues
    And the cynics though may scorn
    We dug deep within ourselves
    Learned to stand up in the storm

    No substitute f’victory
    No need for graveside speeches
    We shaped the course of hist’ry
    ‘Tween hedgerows and beaches

    In jungles, pastures, cities
    In deserts, seas and shores
    We who wished with dying breath
    May this be the last war

    Those days tones and tints now
    They have vanished from my view
    But I hear the bugler’s call
    And the drumbeats tattoo

    Shadows are lengthening
    And the twilight is most near
    This is truly sacred ground
    Please leave my body here

    With these men beside me
    Rest in peace forever more
    Our prayers answered from above
    We have seen our last war.

    • another_conservative_in_exile

      Rest in peace Dad

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  • Ryan Leivers

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  • Carl Upshon

    I haven’t come across From The Green Note Book before. Something to add to my ever growing list. I blog at http://www.elitemilitaryforces.com but it’s not worthy of joining this list. I am learning still.

  • Ltd. Ski

    Try ArmySignalOCS.com — Writing on topics ranging from military history, tactics, strategy, and innovation to foreign policy and thoughts on the latest news trends.

  • Thanks for including General Leadership at http://www.GeneralLeadership.com — great to be a part of the great information you are sharing!

  • Rostislav Mokrenko

    Excellent recommendation, but this article is just a dream of reason.
    Interestingly, Mr. Goldberg can read in Russian? It would be good if he wrote on these topics. Instead of viewing a film about the Russian mafia. Sacred “Maskkirovka” itself is a real hell, but the transition to the jargon of criminals, something new. Please its readers on occasion.

  • these all blogs good ??

  • Arnold

    Here is a link to help military members quickly and accurately rig a uniform.

    They offer free shipping on their tools.

  • Muhammad Habibullah

    my technology blog http://imhabib.com

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  • Erica Dawn

    Music Video Honoring our Military This music video/song is for you. Please share in honor of memorial day! https://youtu.be/MghRSDqrLGo

  • Terrence S M Popp

    http://www.redonkulas.com has several comedy military subject lectures

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  • Codex 9000


    Hosted by veterans, and strictly stories related to the shenanigans they get into.

  • Terrence S M Popp

    COMEDY VID CALLED RULES OF A GUN FIGHT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXyg8dnhtPk

  • HL

    We do live in a rape culture and I’d like for everyone to check out this article http://www.justsayinnow.com/#!Military-women-vs-industry-women/cjds/56a707890cf22a61cccdfae5

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  • Chris Clair
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    Can anyone help me to verify if there’s Stephin Rodrick in USA military..he has 3 victims already please help

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  • winston churchill

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  • US Patriot

    Our blog has only been around for about a year, but it’s focused solely on military and law enforcement topics. We’re always looking for writers!


  • Kimberly Shen

    Great article and list by the writer since the military is as not as popular as other niches in blog industry. This will definitely help people who love to search and read military blogs. Perhaps next time, you can also consider listing websites that focus solely on military equipments

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  • Afghan War News


    Provides a daily newsletter on the Afghan War.

  • Great List. As a veteran, I particularly enjoy Task and Purpose. I would also recommend Defense Entrepreneurs Forum http://defenseentrepreneurs.org/whiteboard/

  • Rasmus Refer

    Great Post. i really Interesting to Military leadership and team building blog

  • Thanks. They’ve been added to my daily Feedly list.

  • Karl Marx1917

    I reccomend http://warnewsupdates.blogspot.no/ for news articles about wars, he is a very good sourch.

  • #MilitaryNews

    I recommend this military blog for your dose of military news http://builtusa.com/

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  • Brett J. Patron

    Task and Purpose? That’s pretty much “The Army Times: The Blog”..

    • Brian Adam Jones

      How so? Asking for a friend.

      • Don

        lol. Also, Carrying the Gun. Snubbed again.

      • Brett J. Patron

        Leaving aside the profanity laced entries, a lot of the articles are the same hyperbole i read in the Military Times publications. Not particularly interesting. Certainly not “must read”..

      • Brett J. Patron

        Unless it’s picked its game up lately (i haven’t checked it out in some time) it’s pretty much been just another bunch of hyperbole. Wasn’t very compelling. I have other choices.

  • A slice of the blogs about the Navy:

    http://cdrsalamander.blogspot.com/ — Discusses policy and current events and the Navy’s role.

    http://www.informationdissemination.net/ — Navy policy and hardware discussions.

    http://www.askskipper.com/ — Current events and the Navy.

    http://blog.usni.org/ — U.S. Naval Institute blog

    https://www.navycs.com/blogs/ — Navy recruiting policies.