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  • C J Stanko

    Boycott NFL on 11/12/2017 day after Veterans Day.
    All game some, some gave all.

  • military respecting civilian93

    My question is about SF. I want to join SF as 18X. Not for any personal gain, but because iv always wanted to I feel it in my heart, when I think SF I think of men who sacrafice anything for anyone for the greater good. To stand at a level that is never ending. Iv always had trouble with ordinary jobs or even school but when I was put in scenarios that were hard and challenging I always did well. Or when someone needed help I was there regardless if I was getting anything in return. I know I have to go through the precurses, then selection, and then 2 years of training just to earn a tab. But I cant get this feeling and thought out of my head that I want to do this I want to protect my family my country help the world to find and destroy enemies, to help other countries and ours with tasks that could possibly change the world. Idk if this is good reason to go for it or not.

  • Doug Hill

    Only the Warrior can offer Peace…because he can also offer War.

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