Battalion-Level Leader Development Overview

Thanks to a recent squadron commander for providing these comprehensive slides. He used them to introduce his leader development program to his officers and senior NCOs, which drove hours of educational discourse.

You can click through and download the slides below, but highlights include:

  • Slides 4-5:  Reference slides for professional discussion
  • Slides 10-13:  The definition of leadership and who we are trying to develop
  • Slide 17:  A valuable graphic depicting the Army leader development timeline
  • Slide 21:  The commander’s personal philosophy on leader development
  • Slides 22-24:  A comprehensive model for the squadron’s leader development activities, organized by rank, topic, and event
  • Slide 25:  A Shared Vision Statement worth adapting for your own unit

Download the PowerPoint version here: Battalion-Level Leader Development Overview.pptx
Download the PDF version here:  Battalion-Level Leader Development Overview.pdf

View and download the slides on SlideShare here:

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